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Gary Wei

Guanghao (Gary) Wei

I always depict myself as a combination of a researcher and an engineer. I work on Machine Learning, Full Stack Web, Game Development, Cyber-security, etc.

I finished my M.Eng. study in Computer Science at Cornell University. I received Dual B.S. degrees in Math and Computer Science and Minor in Japanese at UMass Amherst.

My vision is to do something noble, and I’m still on the road to learning.

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Cornell University

M.Eng. in Computer Science, 2023

I worked at Cornell Relax ML Lab on Machine Learning Systems projects advised by Prof. Chris De Sa.

A Biography refers to


University of Massachusetts Amherst

B.S. in Computer Science, 2022
B.S. in Mathematics, 2022
Minor in Japanese


Beijing No.4 High School

High School Diploma, 2018

I have the honor of graduating from one of the best high school in China – Beijing No.4 High School.

The memories I cherished most were being a player on school’s soccer team.



Research Assistant

Cornell Relax ML Lab
2022 - 2024

I worked at Cornell Relax ML Lab with Prof. Chris De Sa on efficient Machine Learning algorithms and systems.

Our work, grounded in mathematical principles, aims to expedite large-scale, high-performance machine learning systems that are efficient, parallel, and distributed in real-world settings.


Secretary General

Cornell CSSA
2022 - 2024

Cornell Chinese Students and Scholars Association. Joining Cornell CSSA is the most precious experience of my student life.

Together we organized the Cornell Spring Festival Gala, Mid-Autumn Festival carnival and many other activities.


Soccer Player

Cornell CDSC
2022 - 2023

Cornell Chinese Dragon Soccer Club.

I represented Cornell CDSC as a first-team player in the ivy league and other competitions.


Research Assistant

UMass BioNLP Lab
May 2021 - June 2022

I worked at UMass BioNLP Lab on practical biomedical NLP projects directed by Prof. Hong Yu.

My responsibilities include: Information Retrieval, Data Processing, Model Implementation, Performance Analysis, and Application Product Implementation.



UMass Amherst CSSA
2018 - 2022

I have been a member of the Personnel Department of UMass Amherst CSSA since the fall of 2018.

We hold several events such as Spring Festival Gala, Mid-Autumn Festival Barbecue, and Campus Singer Competition every year. I’m one of the organizers of all these events.

My Skills


Machine Learning Engineer

Conda Expert (just kidding)

I develop and contribute to open-source machine leanring projects.

I’m proficient in mainstream machine learning frameworks and CUDA programming.


Full Stack & AWS Cloud

I started to develop full stack websites using node.js(express), Django and work with AWS serverless services since 2019. I design full stack web-application architectures.

This website is currently generated by Hugo, deployed on AWS serverless services, and the workflow is managed by GitHub Actions.


All Platform Development

Proud Arch Linux User since 2020.

I also work on Windows 11, macOS, and Ubuntu 24.04, and proficient with docker and VM solutions.

I wrote scripts for daily use and published them on GitHub. eva_arch(Arch Linux), eva_init(Ubuntu), eva_ubuntu(Ubuntu), and eva_windows(Windows).


ML & AI Researcher

My research interest lie at the intersection of efficient Machine Learning Systems, High Performance Computing, and AI for Science

Checkout my recent publications and research at academic projects for more details.


Game Programming - Unity

I have taken Game Programming course (UMass CS 576) and learned to develop game in Unity.

I play League, AAA, and plenty of other games, these masterpieces ignited my passion for being a Game Developer.



I took the security class (CS 390R) titled Reverse Engineering and Vulnerability Analysis at UMass Amherst and acquired intro level skills for vulnerability analysis and exploiting binary executable programs.

I enjoyed the time solving CTF challenges.

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