Untitled Tower Defense

CS 590G Final Project


Untitled Tower Defense

Project Date Dec 9nd, 2020
Note CS 590G Final Project
Project Description

This is not just a tradition Tower Defense Game. We designed 3 levels to give players three different game modes.

1 - Untitled Tower Defense

Level 1 is a traditional tower defense game. 3 waves of enemies, 3 types of turrets, and 3 types of enemies. Each turret can be upgraded once or sold.

2 - Untitled Tower Attack

Level 2 provides players with an opportunity to control the attackers and to play a third person action game.

3 - Unlimited Random Tower Defense

We implemented map generator in Level 3. The map is generated by path finding algorithms and enemies after wave 3 are spawned randomly. Unlimited waves and no winning conditions.

Made with Unity.


Source Code